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School District Consultation Services

school district services

ABA Education Foundation behavior consultants provide support, supervision, and training to school district personnel throughout San Diego County. We also provide intensive behavior intervention and instruction to children at school. Following is more detail about the applied behavior analysis services we provide in the school setting.

1. Intensive Behavior Intervention:
ABA Education Foundation behavior analysts complete functional assessments (FA) of challenging behavior and design and implement behavior intervention plans (BIP) and behavior support plans (BSP). Our staff are extremely knowledgeable and well trained in the use of applied behavior analysis procedures used to increase adaptive behaviors, including token economy systems, extinction, differential reinforcement, time out from reinforcement, overcorrection, response cost systems, self-management systems, and contingency contracts.

2. Direct Instructional Services:
ABA Education Foundation staff provide intensive behavior intervention and instruction to children in a one-on-one ratios, and small and whole group settings using teaching techniques developed for children with developmental disabilities, including Discrete Trial Teaching (DTT), Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT); Direct Instruction, Picture Exchange Communication Systems (PECS), Functional Communication Training/Verbal Behavior, Autism Social Skills Facilitation, and Incidental Teaching techniques.

3. Supervision:
ABA Education Foundation behavior intervention staff is able to provide programming and instructional supervision of school district employees who are providing direct instruction using the techniques listed above. Supervision can be provided to school district staff working in both the one-on-oneand small group settings.

4. Staff Training:
ABA Education Foundation autism San Diego staff provides training via interactive workshops and seminars to classroom teachers, instructional assistants/paraprofessional, administrators, school psychologists, and related services providers on use and implementation of programs using behavior management and teaching techniques. Our staff have provided hundreds of trainings countywide on the Principles and Procedures of Applied Behavior Analysis, Developmental Disabilities (including Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorders), Typical Child Development, Communication Development and Functional Communication Training, Autism Social Skills and Play Skills Development, Teaching Independent Living Skills, Functional Assessment and Analysis of Problem Behaviors (FAA), Use of Visual Schedules and Independent Activity Schedules, Best Practices for Implementation and Monitoring of Programs of Instruction for Children with Developmental Disabilities, The IEP Process, Writing and Implementing Optimal IEP Goals, Data Collection, and Staff Coaching. Other in-services and autism help training seminars can be developed based on the needs of each school district or classroom. San Diego behavioral consultation workshops and seminars are followed up with on-site support, feedback, and supervision as needed.

5. Classroom Management:
ABA Education Foundation autism San Diego staff provides ongoing support and consultation to classroom teachers and staff for classroom management purposes. Specifically, ABA Education Foundation will provide on-site support and guidance therapy for autism with implementation and monitoring of programs of instruction, use of visual supports and other behavior intervention strategies, specific teaching methodologies including Direct Instruction, data collection processes, review of progress on IEP goals, and direct modeling and feedback on implementation of instruction as needed.

6. In-Home Instruction/Programming and Parent/Caregiver Training:
Our autism San Diego staff develops individualized programs of instruction for students who need additional autism help beyond their school day in the home setting. We also provide caregiver training for parents and other adults in the child’s life. ABA Education Foundation will also provide supervision of home programs being provided to children in their homes by school district employees.