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Current Legislation Regarding Autism

legistlation affecting autism
There is a variety of legislation pending right now that will impact the autism community. ABA Education Foundation understands that these proposed or new policies can be hard to comprehend and sometimes daunting. But we are here to help. Our trained advisors can work with you to understand implications of these policies and how you or a loved one can continuing receiving the best support possible. Feel free to contact us if you have questions regarding any legislation affecting autism.

Senate Bill 946

This bill requires insurance companies to provide coverage of behavior therapy for autism spectrum disorders as a medical benefit. This bill is intended to ensure that when it comes to autism treatment, every family in California has affordable access to therapy.

Approved by Governor Brown in 2011, insurers in California have to cover treatments until the federal health care law is implemented, scheduled for 2014. Currently, insurance providers can deny coverage of developmental disorders because they’re considered an educational service. Supporters of the bill say the measure will save money over time by preparing affected children for life as adults. See more.

Bills AB 154 & 171

The state Assembly passed a set of bills intended to broaden the mental health and health care services covered by private insurance plans. Lawmakers approved AB154, which would require insurers to cover the diagnosis and treatment of mental illnesses, and AB171 for coverage of developmental disorders such as autism. See more.