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Consultation Services

consulting services

Consultation services are designed to help families implement behavior intervention programs for their child. In this model, families hire their own instructors for autism help. An ABA Education Foundation consultant travels to the home for initial and follow-up consultation services.

Consultation services include:
assessment, individualized program design, behavioral training, data collection, and functional assessment training for challenging behaviors.

The consultant will work directly with your child and will train the family and instructors how to implement specific teaching strategies.

Initial consultations are 2-3 days and follow-up consultation services are typically 1-2 days and occur every 4-12 weeks. The ABA Education Foundation consultant will give recommendations regarding length and frequency of consultation visits depending on the needs of your child. Other services may be provided between consultation visits to help you monitor the intervention program. These services include video reviews, phone consultations, and email correspondence.

Please contact our Executive Director of Intervention Services, Kimberly Schmittou Berman, M.S.W., BCBA, for additional information at (619) 840-9993.