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Magazines & Articles

Magazines are an excellent resource in providing up-to-date feature articles as well as interviews with important people in the autism and developmental disabilities community. The links below have useful information on their online counterparts as well as information about how to subscribe.

The views expressed in the periodicals and news articles below are those of the specific authors and editors and do not reflect the opinions or policies of ABA Education Foundation. They are listed here solely as potential resources for families and dissemination of information. ABA Education Foundation does not specifically endorse any of the periodicals below.

autism magazines and articles

1. Autism Asperger’s Digest:

Magazine focused on offering ways you can be a “can do” parent or teacher and help those on the spectrum be “can do” kids, teens and adults.
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2. The Autism File:
Quarterly magazine dealing with all aspects of autism. Written by people of all facets of life dealing with the affects of autism.
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3. The Autism Perspective:
Inspirational stories, new therapies and treatments, personal accounts and advocacy advice relating to autism.
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4. Autism Spectrum News:
Directed toward families, this is a nonprofit quarterly publication that provides readers with a trusted source of news, information and resources on scientific research, evidence based clinical treatment, and family issues that are of vital interest to the autism community.
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5. Autism Spectrum Quarterly:
Combines the best of both worlds—the readability and interest of a magazine with the substance and depth of a trade journal. Each issue includes research and commentary aimed at helping parents, teachers, and clinicians to translate this research into practice.
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6. Parenting Special Needs:
This magazine provides parents of special needs children, of all ages and stages of life, both information and inspiration.
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7. Spectrum Magazine:
For Parents and Children with Autism & Developmental Disorders.
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News Articles (BACK TO TOP)
New research is always being done to better educate the public about the autism and applied behavior analysis. Below are articles that contain information that is relevant to the needs those affected with developmental disabilities, autism, and behavior difficulties.

Medical journal Lancet fully retracts 1998 study linking MMR vaccine to autism, citing "incorrect" elements of research ... read more

Hidden Curriculum Now Available as an iPhone and iTouch Application ... read more